About Notarised

A blog about issues that affect people and organisations when they need to use a notary and the documents they need notarised. The aim is to deal with common issues and problems and provide practical solutions for them.

I work as a notary public. See my notary website . As a solicitor I work at Anderson Law llp, a specialist IP law firm.

For a publication which deals with the formalities of creating valid documents (which is part of notaries do) see the Execution of Documents published by the Law Society. The second edition is still available with the third edition available in May 2015

Victor Warner

email: victor@andnotary.eu. web: http://www.andnotary.eu

mob: 07930 405 336. landline: 020 8892 0092

address: 49 Moor Mead Road, St Margarets, TW1 1JS, England


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